Intuit - A giant Story - animated ad

General / 02 February 2018

The animated ad I worked on at Painting Practice is finally live! Go check it out! I'm particularly proud of the work done on this, I enjoyed it very much. Got to do one more time a bit of everything from vis dev to matte! I'll check if I can post some stuff like I did last year for a similar ad. Thanks again to the guys at Painting Practice for allowing me to work on a such great project, they rock!


General / 26 January 2018

Let's make a good use of this blog.

Black Mirror

General / 02 January 2018

It was great to work on this show! I worked on and off on Black Mirror last year, more or less on 4 episodes. In particular, I was honoured to work on the concepts for the dog in Metalhead with the director David Slade, the production designer Joel Collins and the awesome guys at Painting Practice!!! Hope to keep working on such shows in the future!