His Dark Materials - Season 1

General / 12 November 2019
His Dark Materials is finally on BBC One! I had the pleasure of working on it at the very beginning of the production, working on Iorek's armour. The design may have changed but I'm super happy to have been part of it!

Lightbox Expo 2019

General / 05 September 2019

Hello Everyone,

if you are in LA this week, come and check out Lightbox Expo.

I'll be there with my new book "Random" and a few prints!

I often find myself buying amazing art books that, in the end, I never carry around because of size and weight. I printed this book with the idea of having something portable, nice to have in my backpack; something I always wished for.

See you there!



Gravity Sketch forest

General / 19 December 2018

Here is a quick thingy in Gravity Sketch + quick pass in Keyshot and PS

Black Mirror - Metalhead

Making Of / 13 December 2018

I got approval to show some of the concepts I have done on Black Mirror Season 4 while working at Painting Practice.

There are quite few images to process so here is a teaser...

I'm starting with "Metalhead" episode. The episode I liked to work on the most because I helped design what eventually became "The Dog" you see on screen.

To get to this point it took a while... I'll post lots more images in the next few days. In the meantime here are the first 2.


Oculus medium

Work In Progress / 29 November 2018
My VR addiction has begun, can't wait to paint over this...


This is one of my first experiments with Oculus Medium and as you can see I just wanted to have light everywhere ahah. Can't wait to do more and more! 

Newt Rider

News / 21 November 2018

I enjoyed much playing with this, it's the first painting of a series I have in mind!

I'll be showing how I created this image in my next workshop tomorrow in Naples at Scuola Italiana di Comix!

BlackMirror - Metalhead VFX breakdown from Dneg

Making Of / 14 September 2018

Dneg shared their VFX breakdown on BlackMirror - Metalhead episode. You can see 2 of my concepts at the beginning of the video while I was working at Painting Practice. This was a lof of fun! 

Behold the Grabber!

General / 20 August 2018

Done for the Firestarter-IW2018 contest

The theme was: "Behold..."


General / 15 August 2018

Here is the last image for the mini series of concepts I have been posting during the last 2 days. I thought to have a keyframe instead of a concept art piece. Maybe I'll elaborate some more the whole thing in the future!

By the way, if anyone following me here on Artstation is going to be to IW this year, please let me know! It'll be great to catch up!



General / 14 August 2018

Following up the image I posted yesterday, here is another concept! Well, there are 2 of them because I had another idea in mind at the beginning that I wanted to explore.