James WellBeloved Commercial

This is part of the work done for the James WellBeloved animated short commercial with the awesome folks at Painting Practice for Passion Pictures!!
I had the pleasure to work on a lot of stuff at different stages of production, from layouts to concept art, visual development, matte paintings and I'm so proud of all the work created for this project!
Check it out!!!!!

Alessandro chirico 7 cottage shot

Concept of the cottage/shop. The idea here is to have a vivid and warm image that contrasts the cold and dark colors of the city.

Alessandro chirico 5 keylight paintover

Concept for the final shot of the forest. The far background is the work of Sammy Khalid, my mate at Painting Practice. We worked together on a lot of concepts and matte paintings for this short.

Alessandro chirico 6 shop

Layouts and final concept for the cottage.

Alessandro chirico 8 trees layout

Layout for some of the trees

Alessandro chirico 1 room layouts

Early stage layout done to figure out the details inside Jack's apartment

Alessandro chirico 2 props

Some props, had a lot of fun with this ones

Alessandro chirico 3 city top down shot

Top down shot concepts

Alessandro chirico 4 layout wood
Alessandro chirico 9 buildings lineup concept

Exploration for some of the buildings of the city

Alessandro chirico 10 concept street

Concept for one of the matte painting of the sequence where Jack rides his bike under the rain.

Alessandro chirico 11 matte street1

Matte painting for one of the locations.

Alessandro chirico 12 matte street2

Matte painting for one of the locations.

Alessandro chirico 13 matte building

Matte painting for one of the locations.

Final commercial
James Wellbeloved TV Advert - 'Mega City'