Black Mirror - Metalhead

Making Of / 13 December 2018

I got approval to show some of the concepts I have done on Black Mirror Season 4 while working at Painting Practice.

There are quite few images to process so here is a teaser...

I'm starting with "Metalhead" episode. The episode I liked to work on the most because I helped design what eventually became "The Dog" you see on screen.

To get to this point it took a while... I'll post lots more images in the next few days. In the meantime here are the first 2.


BlackMirror - Metalhead VFX breakdown from Dneg

Making Of / 14 September 2018

Dneg shared their VFX breakdown on BlackMirror - Metalhead episode. You can see 2 of my concepts at the beginning of the video while I was working at Painting Practice. This was a lof of fun!